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Day 197 - Poll Result: Sweden Doubt Can Take Over the World and new Poll

Poll Result: Sweden Doubt Can Take Over the World and new Poll, interview with some political actors in Spain.

ImageSweden Doubt Can Control the World and New Poll
Jakarta - We made a poll on how erepublik's opinion on Sweden's movement. After we take a poll for almost 2 months, we have a result that most of erepublik's players believed that Sweden is impossible to take over the world (more then 170 people agree with this against tenth).
In the latest scene, Sweden movement has stop near German, and cant move any further since the next country after German is China which being controlled by Pakistan.
By giving freedom for Germany in small area between Sweden's land and China, it made Sweden safer from Pakistan invasion.

When the warring period has been passed, there are other scandals that related to money in several countries. Some money from UK ever being stole by Swedish agent, some moneys ever hijacked by hacker from some presidents, and many others. But there are some acts that seem to be “grey area”, that is one party or one institution taking gold from treasury for some reasons.

We have Argentina where joimzhando stole 450 gold from Argentina’s treasury (,en/), and Izirbat’s case in Iran which still confusing, and then Spain’s scandal where 13.000 gold has been taken over although now  it has been returned (you can see the interview with some actors here:,en/ ).
With many of this cases, we then made a new poll:

Do you agree to take out all the money from treasury when you think that the gov. is not good enough?

Join our poll!
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