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Day 202 - What will happens if eIndonesia were being invaded?

Venezuela Military  Reorganizes, The Migration of Lithuania citizens to UK, War exclamation from Spain!, What will happens if eIndonesia were being invaded?


Editor's Note
Finally I have free time to compile these news after tons of work in RL, well I hope I can publish new paper everyday.
Today, I couldn't find many news because many countries seem to be busying themselves with today election.
Well, that’s all for the opening, I hope today news might fascinate you.

 Venezuela Military  Reorganizes
Caracas - Venezuela is starting to reorganize her military organization structure, it was just stated by the government about their military composition. Venezuela Military is consist of several battalion.
Guina Battalion consist of two (2) platoon, Caracas Battalion consist of 5 platoon, Barinas, Barcelona, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Valencia and Morros Battalions each have one (1) platoon.
There was also an encouragement for the citizens who never had war experience to fly to Texas, USA and take a war training course.
Other news from this country is that a Q3 housing company called Eiffel Group was sold. Other than that, there's no eye-catching news from this country at this moment.

The Migration of Lithuania citizens to UK
London - It was informed that several citizens from Lithuania have arrived in the UK to try their luck. UK was known as place of refuge for the Australian refugees and provide temporary Australian Government in their exilic. The arrival of these new citizens was fought over by several party and companies. Currently, Lithuanians haven't got their own country and their existence became a spotlight when there was a petition for forming Lithuania country in eRep (from various sources)

War exclamation from Spain!
Madrid – There is nothing special from the latest news on eWorld, there are only several local campaigns from local party president candidates, however there is exciting news from Spain, one of party president candidate from PMV party bring up “war issue” as the main topic of his campaign. Thus, if he won the election and become the party president, he would suggest war and war! Well, that’s what has been said by Kano on his campaign.
The reason why he has such a motivation related to war issue is because nowadays Spain has become a big country in eWorld and it seems that Kano has mission to lead Spain into a big Kingdom in the future.
His campaign furthermore received good responses by eSpain citizen, and for additional information; PMV is the biggest party in Spain. Then, will eSpain become an aggressive country? On the latest election result, Kano is still being left behind by his competitor for 15 vote differences; well it seems that eSpain citizen may still prefer peace to war. Let’s wait and see the latest progress of the election!
(Source:, and some more sources)

What will happens if eIndonesia were being invaded?
ImageJakarta – The editorial staff is covered with sadness lately because several friends of editor decided to stop playing since they got bored with this game. Based on that situation, editor had a conversation & discussion with one of most influential person in eIndonesia.
Based on our discussion, editor can make a conclusion that eIndonesia can be united if only we have national enemies, since the boredom of eIndonesia citizen resulted negatively in several domestic case such as monetary exchange case, employees’ hijacking case, provocation and some other cases. This issue has made editor imagining what will happens to eIndonesia if eIndonesia were becoming an aggressive country and had wars with some countries until eIndonesia reached their limits (until there’s no money left).

In the end, likely there will be 2 possible scenarios, the first one is eIndonesia will finally able to conquer some countries, and the second one is eIndonesia will be invaded by USA or Sweden, since in the end of war we might lose lots of our gold, wellness and some other resources.
Well because this is just for fun & relax, thus let alone the logic and accurate data and Let’s start imagine the worst scenario where eIndonesia are being invaded & conquered by other country, what’s going to be happened then?

he first thing that comes in mind is how stressful will be the country that invades eIndonesia because there will be a lot of junk articles and Indonesian written article on their local news section. It can be imagined that the minister of communication and information might go crazy or even hang him self due to flooding junk articles published by eIndonesian citizen and the happiness of eIndonesia citizen because they can write junks article as many as they want to.
And how about the future of local market and monetary exchange market? All of speculators, radical businessman won’t listen to the local government suggestion to follow the rules and policies, because it’s all about ourselves thus we won’t care about anything. As the result of it the invaders perhaps will cry and regret that they have invaded us (eIndonesian) since they might probably feel invaded in their own country, hahaha.

We sure can imagine of how difficult it will be to make approximately 2000 hyper active eIndonesian citizens to shut, the country will be in chaos! If this situation really happening, Will it make this “erepublik” game become more interesting? Or it will ruin the basic simulation concept of this game that has been built by the Admin?.
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