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Day 203 - PANAM goes All Out Defending South Africa

PANAM goes All  Out Defending South Africa, other news from PANAM countries and the the Newborn of a Country


Editor's Note
The time for war in South Africa is drawing near, South Africa is indeed a small country, but it's a vital country as the gate to the new world, the America Continent. It was as predicted, The PANAM is joining force to defend South Africa from Indonesia invasion.
Banach, a Canadian who is an anti-USA, clearly stated that it's an impossible task to defend South Africa, and eIndonesia will conquer South Africa in no time. Which one will come true? Only time can tell.
Btw, Thank God that I have come back to EI from SA, I apologize if my behavior of climbing tree hasn't completely gone. Some habits are just too hard to kick.
PANAM goes All Out Defending South Africa
ImageWashington - An Official statement from USA has been reported by the USA president - Dishmcds stated that they will defend South Africa with all their power
South Africa - A Resistance toward The Nordic Alliance
South Africa is the only representative from Africa Continent that has been fought over by several countries. South Africa had been controlled politically by The Nordic Alliance and then almost two months ago South Africa was taken over politically by Indonesia as a reaction for the invasion to Germany and Russia by the Nordic Alliance when both countries formed MPPs with Indonesia.
When South Africa has been successfully taken over by Indonesia, there was a rumor that South Africa would declare war to Indonesia and Indonesia will conquer South Africa without spending a lot of gold, this had triggered a Cold War between The Nordic Alliance and Indonesia in the international forum. After a long debate talking about whether Indonesia action was legal or not, it turned out that mamangbakso and other comrades from Indonesia and other countries were committed to build South Africa as a neutral country. They had severed all the MPPs and then formed MPPs again with Sweden and Indonesia.
Today in South Africa and the Reason of War
The process of rebuilding this country for almost two (2) months has come to an end as there is no progress, this was mainly caused by the lack of citizens in South Africa. On the other hand, in Indonesia the market is flooded by all kind of products and it make the economy stuttered. That’s resulting to the last option, invade South Africa.
From South Africa it has been reported that suddenly South Africa become lively with activities from the government opposition, and said "What have I told you before?". Some of them advice the citizens to move to USA and defend South Africa with a Q4 hospital support.
Situation in USA
The USA realized the importance of South Africa position. South Africa is the only door separating the America Continent with the Eastern Hemisphere, and this is what driven the USA to goes all out to help defending South Africa even when the USA is currently in a war for 3 days. To make thing easier the government has decrease the import tax so the US market will be flooded with stocks of goods. Currently, Austin Texas has become the base for the multinational force to hold South Africa from the assault of Indonesia.
Argentina Finally Moves
From Argentina there was no mass mobilization such as in USA. After getting the message from Isnuwardana - Indonesia Foreign Minister, they became unsure whether Indonesia will invade them as well or not. But slowly they realize whatever the reason is they must fulfill their responsibility towards the PANAM Alliance and defend South Africa with their allies.
Breaking News in Venezuela
The news of invasion to South Africa reached the ears of Venezuelan in matter of hours, as one of the PANAM members they showed their concern about this matter and realize the position of South Africa in this war as well. But regrettably they do not have a Q4 hospital within their country to support their action. And so it is suggested that the citizen of Venezuela to move to Austin USA to benefit from the hospital there. And it turn out that the mobilization is going well. The minister of monetary and other minister are organizing how to distribute wellness in the war.
Another interesting news from Venezuela is that there is a rumor about Sweden interest to form an MPP with Venezuela, and so it can be deducted that Venezuela will get help from PANAM and Nordic Alliance if they were under aggression.
President Decree in Mexico
One of the member of PANAM which hasn't formed an MPP with South Africa is Mexico. But it is considered that Mexico will aid South Africa in this war and help their Alliance. This was made sure when there's a decree from Mexico President to declare full attack. All citizens with at least 2.5 strength and can travel is urged to move to Austin USA. Mexico then request an MPP with South Africa, but it was all too late.
Brazil Will Not Join
From the Samba country, the news has reached there. It was reported that two (2) days ago the President of Brazil had gotten the information about this war from President of Indonesia, and he has just talked with President of USA. And as the result they will not join the war as their economy is still in a total chaos, they will not send their strongest soldiers to aid the war but will stay put and try to restore their country economy. But of course there's always a possibility that the citizens will not agree to this because the Government can't appose the people.
United Kingdom Support
This news was enthusiastically welcomed by The UK, a country which support every nations who appose Indonesia in the past. They openly offering moving tickets for this action.
Enthusiasm in Indonesia
From Indonesia herself there is a mass mobilization throughout many communication channel, considering that PANAM is officially will come to aid in defending South Africa, this forced several South African to move back to Indonesia to help Indonesia, and this including me, the president director of DDB .
There are also several citizens who appose war, but with the war proposal approved by the congress, all difference disappear and they are all in this together and unite in one voice to achieve our common goal.
Slovenia - The Newborn Country
Jakarta - Today a new country has joined us in erepublik, it's Slovenia. The first 20 citizens of this newborn country  each will receive 50 gold. Until July 10 the very first president of this country will not be able to declare war. Will many of the cloners use this as an opportunity?

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