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Day 204 - Spain are giving a hand to SA

Shouts from the EI President, Spain are giving a hand to SA, Crowds in Austin SA, Bloodthirsty mercenaries and news from South Africa.


Editor notes,
The world seems to be focused on Asia now. The war that occurs on South Africa now has turn into a war with other countries than PANAM. However, some countries stated that it is a citizen's right and not the government's. Will the South Africa war turns just like the USA vs Canada war?

Editor in Chief,

Shouts from the EI President
Jakarta - Along with the South Africa war, there are many countries helping PANAM. Our journalists found some citizens from Romania, Spain, and more from other countries. UK also officially stated that they are helping PANAM in order to defend South Africa

With this condition, eIndonesia will not be against PANAM's power, but also other countries. President of EIndonesia today shouts to eIndonesia citizens to unite and do a fight against foreign powers.

400 fights have occurred in the war zone, and there were also soldiers standing by there waiting for their opponents. Foreign snipers got some soldiers fresh out from a battle on their scopes. With these snipers, wounded soldiers can not use the hospital because their wellness increased from the minimum 10%
(TRANSLTR opinion : I don't know what these snipers are, but the only logical explanation is that they are gift givers)

From the media, some people, including Banach, thinks that this war will went fast, but in the forum some people doubt if eIndonesia may dominates South Africa.
Will South Africa survives? Let's see it in the next few days.

Spain are giving a hand to SA
ImageMadrid - From the matador country, it is reported that the communist party has asked their citizens to help South Africa from Indonesian imperialist, Bo_Cooperativas write this on the Spain media. The main reason Spain helped SA is because it is the gate between the Asian and American continent. The citizens were asked to gather in Austin USA with the multi nationalists there.

Our journalists have tried to ask the Spain government in this case, whether eIndonesia fought PANAM and MA or not. This question is answered by a citizen named Ansalon who said that the soldiers who helped SA are freelances and are not an official decision from Spain and MA. (

Crowds in Austin USA
Austin - From Austin USA it is reported that a drastic population boom had occurred, USA is an experienced country in war, from the fields you may see those who are green and those who are experienced. This made the USA government re-releases the news regarding how to use a hospital.

The DoD also released a medic's program, that accommodates not only USA citizens, but also every foreign citizens. But it seems that more foreign citizens are getting this program than the USA citizens.

From Argentine it is also reported that a city is prepared for all international troops to help defending SA. Flamethrower, one of the congressmen from Argentine said that Buenos Aires is ready with the Q4 Hospital.

Bloodthirsty mercenaries!
Jakarta - In the Indonesia vs Australia war, Zaney fights like Leonidas, but in this war there's a great veteran, his name is Alucard Bloodlust, a colonel with a respectable STR, a mercenary that had gone through more than 250 fights! There were times where our EI President, RaFee tries to hurt him, but it is unable to be done. And more importantly, this guy is a sniper, which renders the hospital useless for eIndonesia citizens. Will PANAM be able to defend SA?

South Africa is organizing strategy
Pretoria - It is a public secret that SA is lead by an eIndonesian. When the war occurs, the local government is like running in circles. In this condition, some citizens who behaved like they never exist and becomes the government's opposition become more active. And they were also the ones who organized the strategy on defending SA. Some of them flies to Austin and go to war from there with the help of Q4 hospitals, but some of them still live in SA. One of these people is Hull, who with his own money gives gifts to South African citizens and he is also the one who said to fall back from the war zone to push the secure button.
AND, he also encourages the people who are defending SA. Will his strategy succeed?

Some people foreigners that were seen by our journalists : - Romania - Sweden - Sweden - Spain - Spain - UK - Romania Austria - Spain - UK - UK - Sweden

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