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Day 205 - The Greatest war in eWorld history

The Greatest war in eWorld history, Fighting countries are fresh out of weapons stock, Strategy in the war zone, Canada is with USA? And South Africans are criticizing


 Editor notes,
Day two in the war, the world still concentrates in Asia, will last for a long time? Or will it be done in a few more moments? What's up with the involving countries, have they prepared themselves with every possible condition?
Whatever happens, each country is doing the best for their own sake, only one thing is clear, who has the most will? Fight for your country, or fight for yourself?
That's enough notes, let's read,
Editor in chief

The Greatest war in eWorld history
Jakarta - At last, a war erupts, the greatest war in eWorld history. In the first day, almost 900 fights occurs in the war zone. The fights have turned from Indonesia and Panam to Indonesia and multi nationalits from the Nordic Alliance and MA

As an example, the (former) greatest and longest war record is held by USA vs Canada. That war occurs for almost 2 weeks and 1448 fights happened. Compare it with this war, which on the first day, there are 900 fights. You can see how great this war is.

ImageIn this war the first General rises, he is none other than Alucard Bloodlust. In the first day of the war, the General who at that time is still a Colonel butchered more than 38 eIndonesian soldiers. He fights like no one has ever seen, seeing the guerilla tactic from eIndonesia, he face it one by one, and when there were no one more, he leaves the battle immediately and heal himself. It seems like eIndonesia must think twice before going face to face with the bloodthirsty general.


 The results from day one is, eIndonesia succeed on taking over Eastern Cape, but the multi nationalists succeed on securing KwaZulu-Natal. The in-depth strategy of this war is still unknown, but as this news is being written, the fights has passed the 1000 milestone!
Will eIndonesia be alone against the multi nationalists or will friends from the FIST alliance joins?

Fighting countries are fresh out of weapons stock
Jakarta - The eIndinesia vs South Africa war can be a world war because it involves almost all respectable countries in the world. And this is manipulating the Marketplace, especially the weapon market.
In Sweden, the weapon stock is declining drastically, yesterday only Q1 and Q3 weapons are available, but now Q4 and Q2 are available although not much.
In USA, the weapon stock is nil, however there are 100 weapons supply from UK companies. But, in UK only few pieces of weapons were seen. How 'bout other countries such as Argentine, Venezuela, Ireland, and some others? It seems like all countries involved in this war suffers the same thing. But it is still unknown whether this is a tactic or it is actually fresh out.

Strategy in the War Zone
Jakarta - Strategy on the war zone is greatly important, and the most prominent is the gift giving strategy to enemies who just suffer loss (whose wellness is dropped to 10%). In Indonesia this is known with GTE (Gift to the Enemy), in Argentine this is known with "Gift Bomb, and in some other countries it is known as sniper, shooter, headshot, etc.

And there is a guerilla strategy where troops joins the battle one by one to reduce the enemy's mightyness, but this strategy will not work on guys like Alucard. USA is using some people as "The Butcher" in the war zone. In this war both side is thinking hard on how to win the war. Will this war be over soon?

On the weapons problem, which is the primary needs now, there are some companies which for the country sell it at discountr price, such as in Argentine, a GM named Overk sell it for half the price, and has proudly defeated 4 eIndonesians. In Indonesia, there is a strategy where the price is set very high (to prevent foreigners from buying it) or sold at demanded price.

Canada is with USA?
Jakarta - Shocked, yes, that's what we felt because the two feuding countries, Canada and USA seems to be wanting to defend South Africa. This happens because Banach, an important Canadian who always dissed USA are now in Austin, helping USA. Of course this is not considered as an official decision from Canada.

South Africans are criticizing
Pretoria - Some South Africans are criticizing the local governments because the government gone AWOL. It is believed that Tongki, the current SA president is gone, and some people knows that Tongki is an eIndonesian. That's what we can see from the SA.
On the other hand an SA GM is trapped in his own region when that region is taken over by eIndonesia, it won't be long until he sell his company for a cheap price and went back to his country.

Due to the lack of government control in this war, some citizens are organizing on their own. They consider that the Western and Northern Cape is more important to defend that the other region. Does EI only bids those two regions after all?

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